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Introducing the Guide to Self-Care, a 12-page booklet that is perfect for clients of EMDR Therapy. This guide is designed to help build a personalized Self-Care Plan and is an essential tool for mapping nervous system states in preparation for EMDR Phase 2 and subsequent Phase 6 Body Scan. The guide covers important topics like understanding Self-Regulation and Dysregulation, and it also includes step-by-step instructions for creating your own Nervous System Map. With the Guide to Self-Care, clients can take control of their healing journey and build resilience from within.

Guide to Self-Care

  • This is a 12 page booklet that helps build a Self-Care Plan. This is a great booklet for clients and mapping nervous system states as part of EMDR Phase 2 Preparation and the subsequent Phase 6 Body Scan.


    The guide covers the following topics: 


    1. Understanding Self-Regulation
    2. Understanding Dysregulation 
    3. Creating your own Nervous System Map
    4. Self-Care as Self-Regulation 

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