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Introducing the EMDR Therapist E-Guide, specially designed for visual thinkers and new EMDR therapists. This practical guide includes tips for phase-oriented treatment, becoming trauma-informed, and understanding the neurobiology of trauma and how it changes the brain and body. Featuring an in-depth explanation of the polyvagal theory and the nervous system, this e-guide is a must-have for any EMDR therapist looking to explain the technique to clients. Improve your practice with the EMDR Therapist E-Guide today

EMDR Therapist E-Guide

  • This ebook is written in 1-2 page tips that include: 

    • Becoming an EMDR Therapist
    • Being Trauma Informed 
    • The Vagus Nerve (Intro) 
    • Phase Oriented Treatment 
    • Neurobiology of Trauma ..... and more 


    • Booklet on EMDR Therapy (Educational Guide and can help you talk about EMDR Therapy with Clients and other Therapists with ease) 
    • Booklet on Self-Care which is about Nervous System Regulation as self-care (a 5 page guide you can use with Clients if you'd like)

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