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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing psychotherapy treatment concept. Letters EMD

EMDR Therapy Consultation

I am an EMDRIA Approved Consultant offering both individual and group consultation services.  I believe EMDR consultation is collaborative, compassionate and empowering process. 
My goal is to grow and learn together and to help you integrate EMDR into your practice with confidence.  

Get Connected with Consultation

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Individual EMDR Consultation

Invidual Rate - 1 hr $120.00

  • Enhance case conceptualization

  • Confidence in the eight phases 

  • Fidelity standard [rotocol 

  • Extended Phase 2: Understanding parts, parts work, and somatic parts work, 

  • Working with complex clients 

  • Specialized Protocols, such as working with OCD, attachment, somatic strategies 

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EMDR Group Consultation
Yoga, Embodiment, Somatics and The 8 Phases

Group Rate - 1 hr. $60.00

  • Enhance Case Conceptualization

  • Confidence in the eight phases 

  • Deeper Dive into embodiment, yoga, mindfulness and somatic regulation strategies

  • Advanced neurobiological understanding of working with complex clients 

  • Advanced working with attachment, somatic strategies 

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EMDR Group Consultation

Group Rate 1 hr - $60.00

  • Enhance Case Conceptualization

  • Confidence in the eight phases 

  • Working toward EMDR Certification

  • Fidelity in standard Protocol

  • Polyvagal and EMDR

  • Understanding extended phase 2 and complex clients  

  • Advanced working with specialized protocols such as OCD, attachment, somatic strategies 

Julie Cardoza, LMFT, RYT My goal is to help you with the ongoing understanding of the mind-body relationship,

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